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Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 8/03 5/07
      I attended Florida State University as a full time graduate student. During the summer of 2005, I graduated with my Masters in Computer Science from Florida State University. My Master's thesis is entitled PARAID: The Gear-Shifting Power-Aware RAID. My thesis shows that by introducing a skewed stripping pattern the power consumption of a RAID storage device can be considerably reduced.

Research Assistant 5/04 5/07
Advisor: Dr. An-I Andy Wang
      My responsibilities as a research assistant for Dr. Wang are focused on conducting research pertaining to storage devices and operating systems. Specifically, I have performed research work on reducing the power consumption in RAID storage devices. This research work involves programming the Linux operating system, conducting empirical evaluations of RAID storage devices, and writing conference papers.

Teaching Assistant 9/04 12/04
Operating Systems

      As a teaching assistant for the undergraduate operating systems class at Florida State University I assisted the instructor by planning, preparing, and delivering the lab recitations. This work included preparing and grading lab assignments dealing with programming various aspects of the Linux operating system. This work also included delivering prepared lab recitations to three different sections of students every week.

Teaching Assistant 1/04 4/04
Beginning and Advanced Java

      As a teaching assistant for the beginning and advanced Java programming classes at Florida State University I assisted the instructor on grading programming homework, grading exams, and holding office hours to help students with their homework.