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This page contains links to project webpages
of various projects that I am working on or projects
that I have finished working on. Click on the project
icon to go to the project page.

- My Notebook -
Java Swing application that uses the File Object Framework.

- File Object Framework -
Object to file table persistence layer.

- Scientific Visualization -
3D Rendering of Manatee CT/MRI Data.

- Computer Graphics -
Ray Tracing and Ray Casting Algorithms.

- Advanced Operating Systems -
Energy Efficiency via Java Process Migration.

- Artificial Intelligence -
CLIPS and Expert Systems.

- Software Engineering -
The Complete Software Lifcycle via Spam.

- Green Blooded Games -
Little Green Men and Space Invaders!

- LibGDX Project -
libGDX project : Test Alpha!

- LibGDX Project -
libGDX project : Test Beta!

- LibGDX Project -
libGDX project : Test Gamma!

- LibGDX Project -
Little Green Bugs