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Research Papers

PARAID: A Gear-Shifting Power-Aware RAID
  Presented at USENIX FAST, San Jose, February 2007.

PARAID: The Gear-Shifting Power-Aware RAID
  Masters Thesis, Florida State University, June 2005.

PARAID: The Gear-Shifting Power-Aware RAID, Second Version
  Technical Report, Florida State University, January 2006.

Class Papers

A Survey of Latency in the Domain Name Service
  CEN 5515 Data and Computer Communications Final Paper,
  Florida State University, November 2005.

Fast Integer Search
  COT 5405 Advanced Algorithms Final Paper,
  Florida State University, November 2005.

Improving Energy for Mobile Compters through Process Migration Logging
  COP 5611 Advanced OS Final Paper,
  Florida State University, April 2004.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Games
  CIS 5935 Research Seminar,
  Florida State University, November 2003.