Dark Hall

* GRS Complete - 2003.08.15
The game requirement specification for the upcoming imagination overload from Green Blooded Games, Dark Hall, will be finalized. Game construction will begin shortly after this date. Dark Hall will be built on the new GameLib release 2.

* Dark Hall Construction Start Date - 2003.08.18
Let's get it on!

* Dark Hall Milestone One - 2003.09.22
Just throwing this out there. GBG will not know the DH milestone dates until the GRS is complete.

GameLib release 2

* FCF - 2003.05.31
GameLib release 1 works but has several areas that could be improved. The development of Near Space exposed several of these areas of improvement. By FCF, all of these identified changes will be implemented and unit tested.

* Beta - 2003.06.15
A beta test application will be built using all of the new functionality in the GameLib release 2. After this test has been successfully completed, it will be time to start building the next game application!

Near Space

* Alpha - 2003.03.03 - Functional Code Freeze.
On this date Near Space will be able to execute and will look like the intended game. Although, there will be plenty of bugs!

* Beta - 2003.03.31 - Bug Fix Complete.
On this date all severity one, two, and three level bugs will be fixed. Near Space will execute smoothly and function as expected.
- Near Space Beta will be available for download.

* Release - 2003.04.28 - Usability testing will be complete.
Any changes identified from usability testing will have been incorporated into Near Space.