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My Notebook
A lightweight application to use for note taking. Organize notes in tabs within notebooks. This is a Java Swing application that persists data using the File Object Framework.

My Notebook JAR and Instructions

My Notebook Instructions
My Notebook Distribution

My Notebook Quick Start

To start using My Notebook download and extract the My Notebook distribution ZIP file to your computer. The My Notebook application will run on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. The Java runtime must be installed on your computer to run the My Notebook application. On Microsoft Windows, double click the My Notebook.jar file and the application should start. The application can also be started from the command line with the command 'java -jar MyNotebook.jar'

When the application starts the main My Notebook window is displayed. Select the 'Log On' button to start. Log into the application as user 'admin' and password 'password' to start. After logging into the application create a new user account for yourself, this will disable the guest admin account. Select the Create Notebook button to create your first notebook. Add tabs and notes and you're on your way. Please refer to the instructions for more information.