Little Green Men


It's an abduction! Little Green Men have come seeking knowledge about Earth and it's inhabitants. You just happen to be the next lab experiment. You are left only with your body and mind to defend yourself from being probed. Well, that and an Alien Eliminator X100 tank! This is no ordinary tank. This baby fires blue, cold-fusion plasma cannons. These cannons have been found to do quite a number on the little green guys.

To escape abduction all you have to do is clear 25 levels of the green guys. One problem, the little green men just keep on getting faster and faster!

Little Green Men for Microsoft Windows is freeware multimedia entertainment.

Install Steps

1. Download and save 'lgmfiles.exe' from this web site to your PC.

2. Next, execute the self extracting zip file 'lgmfiles.exe' in a temporary directory on your PC.

3. Lastly, run the 'setup.exe' program found in the extracted files.

Screen Shots