Near Space


... 3025 A.D.

The human race has developed and proven the technology to provide a thriving space economy in the shallow envelops of the galaxy. Having to wade through political marshes, the government has proven to be ill effective at providing the space exploration and colonization demanded by
the needs of the global economy.

Government contractors fully equipped with the means of meeting the technical demands of space exploration could no longer wait for the political clouds to clear. Opening trade to the general commercial markets proved to be successful to the desperate government contractors. The commercial industry finding gold in the near space of the galaxy made these government contractors rich and powerful. No longer were they contractors to the government caught up in political entanglements but now played the role of gods in a new space revolution.

Controlling the manufacturing of the vital instruments and equipment for developing near space brought influence and wealth. The Neo Dynamics Corporation had succeeded in becoming the predominant manufacturer of near space construction and transportation equipment. Becoming wrought with power through billions in sales provided doors into all businesses for the Neo Dynamics Corporation (NDC). Dirty deals and shady characters soon became the persona of NDC.

... 3095 A.D.

The human race has explored, colonized, and completely exploited the near space of the galaxy. No longer a mystery of science or an exploration adventure, commercialism has rotted the void of space as it always does. Behind all of it... behind every piece of trash on a street corner on Mars... behind every barrel of toxic waste shot into far space... behind every piece of junk space equipment floating around a space station... lies the Neo Dynamics Corporation!

Humans simply unable to help themselves from their primitive instincts to survive and explore have again completely destroyed what was once great. Although, at the cost of many lives. Some brave men and women dying in noble gestures of exploration or rescue. Others so foolish to think they could defeat the harsh realities of space, died in futile attempts of achieving a better high.

All the humanity... and trash.

... 4015 A.D. Present day

The government has produced you. In all of the failures of the government one of its successes was the creation of the Near Space Clear Void Act, a step in the right direction. Having put several financial penalties with no results on the Neo Dynamics Corporation and companies like it the government has decided to take aggressive action against near space commercialism. Although growing rich off of penalty fees paid by NDC, the government is tired of waiting for these corporations to take responsibility for there actions.

A full circle of life... The government knowing that this could have been avoided to a certain degree if they had controlled the development of near space from the beginning now has to correct the situation. Under the guidance of a powerful, popular, and effective administration the government is finally taking decisive action on something.

You represent a billion globals, the new global economy currency, in education and training. You have been given the authority to seek out and destroy members of the NDC found in near space for this is a violation of the NSCV act. Along with destroying the NDC you are to clean up near space by collecting and recycling any pollutants and trash found. You will be rewarded upon mission completion according to how many recyclables you have collected.

Saving near space is up to you...

Install Steps

1. Download and save 'ns10.exe' from this web site to your PC.

2. Next, execute the self extracting zip file 'ns10.exe' in a temporary directory on your PC.

3. Lastly, run the 'setup.exe' program found in the extracted files.

Screen Shots